05.09.2014 HR-Stamenov | Intervento Spazio Temporale


Intervento Spazio Temporale

Chiesa di San Matteo – Lucca

Curated by Enrico Mattei



7.30 – 10.00 pm | September 5, 2014

Lucca became the destination of the multimedia performance “Intervento Spazio Temporale” of the artist HR-Stamenov that starting from the his recent project “Space 0 Space,” focused on the technological reproduction of a natural storm inside a building and the possibility to trap and control nature annihilating space, presents in this italian occasion the intervention in a deconsecrated Romanesque church, the Church of San Matteo. The project is organized through a short duration intervention within the church where the performative act is absent even though it is a multimedia performance designed specifically for the space through the control of light and projection. An operation that can only be detected during a specific time interval, and that is developed with a constantly changing perceptual state of the user. The research of HR-Stamenov in recent years is concentrated on the dynamic relationship between man and nature articulated through exploration, transformation and exploitation of all types of resources and their energy. He creates his multimedia interventions through technology and he records them through video and photography to get then to paint with oil on canvas these still or frame video with a classical realism. The relationshio painting-installation explores the artist’s research on natural phenomena and in particular the position of the man in front of them, nature becomes fascination and fear at the same time bringing the man to want to control, the architecture becomes a refuge, a safe place to be protected.

#special thanks to Claudio Poleschi Arte Contemporanea

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